Yukata Dress For Women


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The yukata, a traditional Japanese outfit, is the perfect item for women looking for femininity and elegance. 

Our bright Yukata Dress with Japanese pagoda and beautiful print details, elegant and cute. This kimono is easy to wear. You just wear it and tie a belt for accessories so you can easily enjoy the exotic Japanese atmosphere. made of cotton and polyester. Bright and soft and fluffy to the touch. Comfortable to wear. beautiful traditional Japanese kimono. Perfect for Halloween parties, cosplay parties, theme parties, Japanese festivals, and more. It is also a great birthday gift.

The Yukata Dress is soft, smooth, and lightweight, which provides great comfort. The fabric has a satin sheen so it looks elegant and beautiful. V-neck design looks sexy. The removable seat belt keeps you comfortable and doesn't interfere with your daily movements. Ideal for lounging as well as bridal showers, smooth and lightweight, this strap is perfect as a bathrobe, swimsuit, gown and will keep you cool and comfortable at home. It's also great for bridal showers, wedding photography, etc.

  • Size M and L
  • Long and large sleeves
  • Ribbon belt to tie
  • Adjustable belt size
  • Delicate embroidery
  • Material: cotton and polyester
Sizes (cm) Length Chest  Recommended Size 
M 110 110 155-160
L 110 120 160-170