Men's Kimono Jacket - Yokai


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This long kimono style vest with shimmering colors will awaken the supernatural spirits of the kami or yokai world

The print on the back of the vest depicts the bakeneko (化け猫) cat. Sometimes confused with the lucky cat, this yokai demon is famous in Japanese folklore. In fact, it is often depicted on the Irezumi tattoos of the Yakuza mafia.

The marking technique used preserves the vividness and opacity of the colors. Thanks to this method, the precision is good and the washability is excellent. A very good long-term investment!

To go to a costume party, this traditional kimono jacket is ideal. It will give a little boost to your outfit. To highlight it, a sober outfit will be perfect. You can also add some accessories!

  • Material: cotton, polyester
  • Sleeves: mid-length and loose
  • Fit: short and straight
  • Lightweight and pleasant to the touch

The sizes of our kimono jackets corresponds to the Asian sizes. We recommend taking one or two sizes above your usual size.

Example: If you usually wear M, choose size L or XL.

For further details on the measurements of our kimono jackets, please refer to the size chart below.

Shoulders (cm) Chest (cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
L 67 134 72 31
XL 69 138 75 32
XXL 71 142 78 33