Wooden Geta - Kuro Fuyu


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Wooden Geta - Kuro Fuyu

These geta sandals have a wooden sole and a cloth fabric strap for excellent foot support. The rubber sole reduces the wear and tear of the forest, sprinkles noise, and prevents sliding.
These Geta Shoes are made of high quality and the most comfortable durable material. The strap is made of comfortable cotton. The sole of the shoe adopts natural wood, is strong, flexible, non-slip and shock-absorbing, non-toxic. Your toes naturally expand when you wear the clog. It also maintains good breathability. It is the best choice in your home or outdoors. The signature model is the traditional Japanese style.

This clogged flip-flop is good for your health as the wooden sockliner can help you sweat, deodorize and prevent beriberi. Double flip-flops, non-slip sole, durable and wear-resistant. It can be used as a wooden costume for daily use, entertainment as a birthday or holiday gift, Halloween party uniform, cosplay party, ghetto.
  • Solid lightweight wooden Geta
  • Sole height: 55 cm
  • Rubber bottom.m layer for slip resistance
  • Thick and comfortable strap
  • Strap material: cotton

In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
34 - 35 23 9
36 - 37 24 10
38 - 39 25 10
40 - 41 26 11
42 - 44 27 11
45 - 46 28 11,5
47 29 11,5