Traditional Japanese Geta - Kuro Yagasuri


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Traditional Japanese Geta - Kuro Yagasuri

These Japanese sandals are supposed to be " heard previously seen ", which is because their clicking noise on the floor is very demanding. With its two wood supports and its high sole, the Japanese geta is highly esteemed in Western countries for indoor use, whether in the hometown or in the garden. This pair of geta has a friendly and comfortable cloth strap with a traditional so-called yagasuri model representing arrow feathers.
Our Traditional Japanese Geta is called Geta. Japanese Geta uses many high-quality ingredients. Geta is preferable to wearing a kimono and hakama. Geta is also very popular in Japan. The bracelet was made of black velvet, very thin all over the paulownia tree. Geta is a staple when wearing a kimono. You can get a really cool look. The sole is made of anti-slip rubber. Slightly thickened, thongs like soft cotton, hard pain in the shoes, I wear them and feel comfortable.

Using your Japanese geta, you will experience how to experience the present minute while getting your time the Japanese way. Walking with geta footwear demands a little practice, though, once you should found your perspective, you will discover the pleasure of wearing them. These wood sandals are known to increase blood circulation, posture including back pain.
  • Solid lightweight wooden Geta
  • Sole height: 5.5 cm
  • Rubber bottom layer for slip resistance
  • Thick and comfortable strap
  • Strap material: cotton

In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
34 - 35 23 9
36 - 37 24 10
38 - 39 25 10
40 - 41 26 11
42 - 44 27 11
45 - 46 28 11,5
47 29 11,5


Japanese wooden geta sandals can be worn barefoot or with Japanese-style socks, the so-called tabi socks. Geta are very beneficial for both back and posture. If you wish to wear them " the Japanese way ", your heel should slightly exceed at the back.