Women's Japanese Red And White Kimono - Tanpopo


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Women's Japanese Red And White Kimono - Tanpopo

Our Beautiful Japanese Red And White Kimono suit combine traditional Japanese clothes with sexy style. This kimono dress has a floral design, a wide belt with a beautiful bow at the back, and long, wide sleeves. The material is soft, flowing, and luxurious, with a nice drape that can smooth your beautiful curves as it sits on the skin. You are sure to have a great evening in these sexy pajamas.

This is the most Traditional dress in Japan for young women's graduation ceremonies, growing-up ceremonies, etc.! a detachable belt buckle that keeps you comfortable and doesn't hinder your movement in everyday life. Perfect for a vacation at home or on vacation. It can be worn as a bathrobe, nightgown, or cover. It's also perfect for cosplay, Halloween, shows, kimono parties, events, etc. For a fuller look, it is better to wear it with a hat and socks.
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Pattern: white geometric shapes on a red background
  • Fit: long and straight
  • Sleeves: 3/4 mid-length kimono sleeves
  • OFFERED: 1 obi belt and hair accessories

one-size fits all: suitable for women measuring between 1.50m and 1.80m

Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
Unique 140 50