Kimono Style Jacket Mens - Shogun


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This flowery kimono waistcoat will bring you happiness, wealth and wisdom!

This traditional kimono vest represents one of the 7 gods of luck. It symbolizes wealth, wisdom and happiness. Three elements that everyone would like to have!

To wear it, you can adopt a streetwear look (sweatshirt, t-shirt, trainers). You can also choose a more sober style with black trousers and a white top, even if you have to accessorize it a bit. Take a look at this pair of tabi socks. It will give you a samurai look from the Edo era.

This traditional Jappan jacket is perfect for going to a matsuri festival. These traditional parades pay tribute to the kami gods, who are very present in Japanese culture.

    The sizes of our kimono jackets corresponds to the Asian sizes. We recommend taking one or two sizes above your usual size.

    Example: If you usually wear M, choose size L or XL.

    For further details on the measurements of our kimono jackets, please refer to the size chart below.

    Shoulders (cm) Chest (cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
    L 67 134 72 31
    XL 69 138 75 32
    XXL 71 142 78 33