Kimono Sleepwear - Women


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Kimono Sleepwear - Women

Our Japanese Sleepwear is rayon and polyester satin material, soft and comfortable to wear. These are traditional Asian-style pajamas. comfortable, durable, and stylish absorbs sweat with free breathing. Allows you to rest more easily at night. This pajama set is perfect for home use. offers the best and most stylish that can be worn all year round. This is a popular pajama. The perfect pajamas, perfect for sleeping to complete your salon collection, good enough for special occasions but comfortable enough for every day.

The Beautiful Japanese kimono suit combines traditional Japanese clothes with sexy style. This kimono dress has a floral design, a wide belt with a beautiful bow at the back, and long, wide sleeves. The material is soft, flowing, and luxurious, with a nice drape that can smooth out your beautiful curves as it sits on the skin. You're sure to have a blast in these sexy pajamas. perfect for relaxing at home or on vacation. It can be worn as a bathrobe, nightgown, or cover. It's also perfect for cosplay, Halloween, shows, kimono parties, events, etc. For a fuller look, it is better to wear it with a hat and socks.
  • Single size
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • Long and large sleeves
  • Large belt with bow tie in the back and velcro closure
  • Available in two colors: red and black
  • Material: Polyester satin