Jinbei Clothing For Men


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Jinbei Clothing For Men

Our traditional Japanese Jinbei outfit, Jinbei, consists of a jacket with short sleeves and short pants. Unlike the yucca, the Jinbey jacket does not require a belt to close it. You have to tie the two ties on the side and cross the left side over the right. The shorts have an elastic waistband, with or without straps, which means they can be adapted to all body types with maximum comfort. Jinbees are usually made of cotton, linen, or hemp. Traditionally, Gibney is mostly male, with subdued colors and smooth vertical stripes. Today there is a wide variety of Gibney to choose from, including more colorful fabrics made from different fabrics, for both men and women, and children.

The Jinbei Clothing Comfortable and relaxed, Jinbei is the best home software. Originally only worn indoors, these Japanese pajamas have found their place outdoors, especially in summer. Jinbey is a very popular summer outfit in Japan because of its shape, allowing the body to breathe. Very comfortable to wear on very hot days. To wear your ginbee the norm, swap out your sandals for a ghetto or dawn pair. Once you put it on, you won't need to give it. All Japanese lovers should have Jinbey in their closets. With just the right size, it fits all body types and offers an elegant and casual outfit. In winter, keep your Gibney on by tucking a cotton t-shirt under your jacket. Versions with trousers instead of shorts or thick, warm and comfortable cotton gin are also available. It's up to you to secure your favorite!

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Thick, soft, and breathable fabric
  • Cotton pajamas with double gauze
  • Jacket with pockets and straps to tie
  • Pants with a tight belt

    To select the right size, please refer to the size charts below:

    Size (cm) Length jacket Length pants Bust circumference Hip circumference Waist circumference
    M 75 98 112 112 74-94
    L 77 100 120 120 80-100