Men's Jinbei Clothing - Black Koi Carp


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                 Men's Jinbei Clothing - Black Koi Carp

Our Men's Jinbei Clothing classic colors and free jinbei dress designs make this nightgown suitable for most men. Bring your soft cotton coat with you in the shower or before bed. Enjoy a relaxed state and keep warm comfort. Made of 100% cotton which is so breathable and comfortable. Kimono style, soft, comfortable, cool, absorb sweat. It will give your body a whole new experience. Double-stitched for durability, you don't have to worry about opening your soft bathrobe. Great for holding the phone, snacks, or other necessities.

A lightweight Jinbei Clothing is ideal year-round in any climate. Great for lover, father, husband. Can be utilized for bath, spa, shower, pool, and travel. Makes for an ideal Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas gift. Stylish goldfish create a fashionable style and are spacious so they can be worn regardless of body type. Made of high-quality polyester which is breathable and quick-drying. Light and flexible, comfortable to wear, and fresh feeling.

This Jinbei is light and easy to move, comfortable to wear, and has excellent breathability, so it absorbs sweat quickly and dries quickly, so you can wear it comfortably in summer. Friction on the surface is not eaten, washed several times, and continues to shrink, easy to clean. It can be worn for beachwear, travel, resort weddings, sports, or swimwear.

      • Material: cotton
      • Includes a loose jacket and short pants
      • Pants size is adjustable with drawcord
      • 3/4 loose sleeves

      Please note: If you are 1m75 tall, size M will suit you. if you measure between 1m75 and 1m80, opt for size L, if you are 1m85 or taller, opt for size XL. You can find additional details in our size chart below.

      Jacket Size Chart :

      Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
      M 74 116 30 58
      L 76 120 31 60
      XL 80 124 32 62


      Pants Size Chart :

      Length (cm)

      Waist size


      Hip circumference

      M 56 69 112
      L 59 75 116
      XL 59 81 120