Geta Footwear - Ryu Dragon


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Geta Footwear - Ryu Dragon

Our Traditional Japanese Geta Footwear is called Geta. Japanese Geta uses many high-quality ingredients. Geta is preferable to wearing a kimono and hakama. Geta is also very popular in Japan. The bracelet was made of black velvet, very thin all over the paulownia tree. Geta is a staple when wearing a kimono. You can get a really cool look. The sole is made of anti-slip rubber. Slightly thickened, thongs like soft cotton, hard pain in the shoes, I wear them and feel comfortable.

Using your Japanese geta, you will experience how to experience the present minute while getting your time the Japanese way. Walking with geta footwear demands a little practice, though, once you should found your perspective, you will discover the pleasure of wearing them. These wood sandals are known to increase blood circulation, posture including back pain.
  • Solid lightweight wooden geta
  • Sole height: 5.5 cm
  • Rubber coating under both platforms to prevent slipping
  • Thick and comfortable strap
  • Strap material: cotton

In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
34 - 35 23 9
36 - 37 24 10
38 - 39 25 10
40 - 41 26 11
42 - 44 27 11
45 - 46 28 11,5
47 29 11,5