Cotton Jinbei


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 Cotton Jinbei

Our Cotton Jinbei to Jimmy whether for a festival or some relaxing time at home. The great seal would surpass even from a great distance. In summer, Jimmy waving Hijri is very popular in Japan. We offer a set of tops and bottoms. Very easy to put on and take off with the strap. Good to wear it at home after bathing or relaxing. Recommended for father's day, birthday, and honor gifts for adults. Summer festivals, customs, time to relax. You can wash at home. When hanging, please extend the fold and hang in the shade.

The Jinbei Samuel soft cotton casual wear. For example, garden clothes. The pants have two pockets on both sides and a back pocket, as well as a zipper with a fly.  This is a traditional Japanese kimono-style outfit called Hijra Jimmy. It is very popular among Japanese of all ages in summer as a comfortable outfit in rooms at home and in public places as a festival. As loose and light breezes can touch your skin lightly, the arms are wide open to keep your body temperature cool.

This Stylish Jinbei will be very useful because it can be worn both as an indoor outfit and for festival occasions. Shakira is the Japanese name for pearl, a sheer, wrinkled cotton fabric used for spring and summer wear. Jimbei is a kimono-style top and trousers. The top of the jacket closes with a simple string tied with a bow that can be easily pulled and released for opening. The bottom has three pockets. 

  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Thick and warm fabric
  • Jacket with a pocket and drawstrings to tie
  • 3/4 kimono sleeves
  • pants with a stretch waistband

To select the right size, please refer to the size charts below:

Size (cm) Length jacket Length pants Bust circumference Hip circumference Waist circumference
M 75 98 112 112 74-94
L 77 100 120 120 80-100
XL 79 102 126 126 90-120