Black Wooden Geta Sandals


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Black Wooden Geta Sandals 

Our Traditional Japanese Picket Sandals, known as footwear, are area units fabricated from dry light-weight wood with a cotton and cloth strap, with a rubber base at an all-time low for comfort. Footwear is told that the soles of the feet area unit excited and the circulation is promoted and also the perform of the brain is improved by touching the bottom of the feet directly on a tough flat tree. There's conjointly an impact on flat feet. However, this is often conjointly because the arch is made because of the burden on the complete back of the foot further. Footwear has smart sounds once walking.
This Wooden Geta Footwear has several healthy edges. Foot fingers unfold naturally after you wear clogs. It prevents the roundworm and maintains an honest condition of breathability. As a result of footwear get about to walking with clean feet, it ends up in the bar and easing of flat feet. The footwear is that the preferred shoe worn for casual occasions with the robe or Yukata. Footwear is best for gifts as a cosplay, Halloween, present. These may go nice with different casual outfits. Footwear may be a terribly cool shoe, and Japanese anime is additionally standard. These sandals promote your health because the picket sole will assist you to unleash sweat, eliminate odor and stop avitaminosis. They will be worn reception and outdoors.

The Wooden Geta Sandals' non-slip rubber sole makes them quiet and even more leisurely. Therefore you'll be able to wear them all day while not obtaining tired. The thick material strap, called" Hanao, "has soft artifacts and also the back. The half that comes into contact with the skin is formed of sentimental material. The Hana can soften with use and work even a lot of well on your feet while not in pain. Even in a very trendy society where walking has decrease common, a lot of and a lot of Japanese individuals favor using wood footwear for the health of their feet and legs.
  • Wooden sole, lightweight, solid, and durable
  • Rubber bottom layer beneath each tooth
  • Comfortable fabric strap
  • OFFERED: 1 pair of tabi socks

In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Size Length (cm)
34 23
35 23
36 24
37 24
38 25
39 25
40 25