Tabi Socks

The origin of Japanese Tabi socks dates back to the 15th century. At that time, this island country started to import cotton from China. Thanks to the import of raw materials, the mass production of Tabi socks was made possible, which helped to democratize it among the Japanese people. These light socks have become indispensable over the centuries for all types of Japanese men's clothing or Japanese women's clothing!

Why wear Japanese Tabi Socks?

Traditional Japanese socks have divided toes to be worn with strappy sandals (geta) and traditional Japanese clothing like kimono or yukata.

Over the centuries, the colors of the tabi sock have been regulated to reflect the hierarchical status of people in Japanese society. These traditional socks can go up to the ankle or up to the knee!

How to wear a pair of tabi socks?

We advise you to wear plain socks with a Japanese kimono for men or a Japanese kimono for women. They are also essential if you participate to a tea ceremony or for all the occasions where you have to take off your shoes.

In the Japanese culture, it is a sign of respect to take off your shoes when you enter a place (which is appropriate of course). Know that in the land of the rising sun, having untidy socks is very frowned upon!

The traditional tabi are very rigid because they do not have elastane like our socks. They have a double layer in the sole and are closed in the back with ties.

Today, we find tabis with all kind of colors. Some are inspired by manga, or traditional Japanese patterns. This is the case of our original printed socks!

Japanese printed socks

These are not classic toe socks but they are inspired by the designs and symbols of the Japanese universe!

These high socks are inspired by samurai, geisha, oni demons, kami, nature, the great wave of Kanagawa and Japanese art in all its splendor and especially ukiyo-e art.

Japanese tabi socks have become an essential fashion accessory to have in your wardrobe for all true fans of kawaii, Harajuku or hip-hop style,

The symbols printed on these cotton socks will delight all fans of Japanese Cosplay, manga, and kawaii!

How to wear Japanese socks?

If you want to put on a man or woman kimono, we recommend you to put on your nice elegant and sober socks first!

For a classic style, we recommend you to wear our Japanese socks for men or women with a pair of sneakers. Just choose your size before ordering (or refer to our size guide).

If you want to complete a cosplay costume, you can also have a look at our Japanese Geta shoes collection. We also offer wooden zori sandals!