Obi Belt

Obi belt: essential Japanese belt

The Obi belt is not just a fashion accessory that consists in adjusting the size of the kimono and tightening it, it is much more! It is the magic accessory of the kimono which allows to make a contrast between the Japanese kimono and the rest. It reveals your weaknesses for style and your unique tastes, so it is very important to choose well!

You will find in our collection a very large choice of obi to allow you to imagine your style as you wish without any limits. Are you an extravagant person? Then choose a belt with bright colors! You prefer to remain discreet and elegant? No worries, we have several belts with clean style.

Our traditional Japanese belts will make you melt with pleasure! With different sizes, you are sure to find THE obi belt you like best. In addition to being elegant, we also offer belts with velcro so that you can equip yourself with them easily!

The obi belt: a must-have accessory

The Obi belt is far from being limited to kimonos or yukatas! It can be worn with many clothes and that makes this belt an essential accessory for your wardrobe. It is for example ideal to sublimate a light jacket like a haori.

Nothing better than having a Japanese umbrella with your belt to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture.