Men's Kimono Jacket - Mysterious Dragon


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Share the beauty of the anime world of Japanese culture with this Short Yukata Kimono Jacket

The haori kimono jacket finds its first traces in the Muromachi period. Warriors used to wear it to protect themselves from the winter cold. Geishas democratized this Japanese garment as a fashion accessory.

This beautiful haori jacket illustrates a Japanese dragon. It is known to be the most powerful of the divine creatures. This Japanese garment is also full of many symbols of Japanese culture.

Explore the following recommendations to achieve your Japanese style with a Japanese haori jacket...

  • one-size fits all
  • Material: cotton, polyester, elastane
  • Fit: short and straight
  • Sleeves: mid-length and loose

For further details on the measurements of our kimono jackets, please refer to the size chart below.

Size Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm)
Unique 72 138 30