Men's Haori Jacket - Samurai


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Wear this black kimono jacket for unmatched casual chic style!

The design of this haori jacket is reminiscent of Japanese kumo and karakusa patterns. The kumo is a cloud-like pattern that reflects hope. Karakusa is a floral illustration. It is inspired by stems and symbolizes eternity... A beautiful message to wear.

This traditional outfit is all the rage among Japan enthusiasts. To receive friends or family, it will be perfect: chic and casual style. You'll have a great time, comfortable in your kimono jacket.

If you don't know what to wear it with, we advise you to keep it simple and efficient: dark pants and a light t-shirt will give it a brightness and will bring out the beautiful Japanese patterns!

  • Material: cotton, polyester
  • Sleeves: mid-length and loose
  • Fit: short and straight
  • Lightweight Haori, pleasant to the touch

The sizes of our kimono jackets corresponds to the Asian sizes. We recommend taking one or two sizes above your usual size.

Example: If you usually wear M, choose size L or XL.

For further details on the measurements of our kimono jackets, please refer to the size chart below.

Shoulders (cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm)
L 67 72 31
XL 69 75 32
XXL 71 78 33