Yukata Kimono Male - Ichimatsu


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Yukata Kimono Male - Ichimatsu

The name Yukata Kimono is from Yu (bath) and Katabira (low closure). About a thousand years ago Court Nobles used Yukatabira which was made of linin when taking a bath. Little by small, it was also used by the warriors, who later took a bath, would use it as a way to dry the material.

The general public started using them about three hundred years ago when the sophisticated Japanese communal bath became popular. Then they were composed of cotton and were worn every day as casual wear after getting a bath. The people of Nowadays wear Yukata mainly for occasions such as harvest festivals, fireworks events, and bona dance festivals.

Our Men's Japanese Yukata is Light, loose, and flowing, those men's yukata are incredibly comfortable to wear. Following a bath, at home, or during summer festivals, the fabric of this yukata offers superior comfort. To be sure to have a complete outfit worthy of a real Japanese, this yukata is delivered with many associates, including a fan and a pair of geta.

  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
  • Light, soft and comfortable fabric to wear
  • Straight fit and 3/4 loose sleeves
  • OFFERED: 1 obi belt, 1 fabric pouch, 1 fan, 1 pair of socks, and 1 pair of wooden geta

This yukata is available in two sizes:

  • Size M: suitable for men whose size is less than or equal to 1. 75m
  • Size L: suitable for men taller than 1m75

Attention, remember to fold the left side of yukata over the right side! In Japanese culture, the opposite is reserved for dead people. 👻