Men's Japanese Yukata Fashion - Oogara


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Men's Japanese Yukata Fashion - Oogara

The name Yukata comes from Yu (bath) and Katabira (low closure). About a thousand years ago Court Nobles wore Yukatabira which was composed of linin when taking a bath. Little by little, it was more used by the warriors, who after taking a bath, would use it as a way to drain the body.

Whether you want to feel happy at home or attend a summer festival in Japan, the Japanese male yukata are lightweight, easy, and very pleasant to wear. With its soft cotton fabric, you will surely enjoy this yukata during hot summer days or after bathing.
The Japanese Yukata is a summer-style kimono with a casual look, usually worn after bathing. The Japanese yukata is very popular nowadays, either as a comfortable indoor garment or as an outdoor garment during the season. Made of 100% cotton, the material of this Japanese yukata for men is soft, lightweight, and absorbent. The obi belt is flexible and easily closes thanks to a velcro fastening system.
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Long and loose sleeves
  • Includes: obi belt and fabric bag
  • To select your size, please refer to the table below.

Shoulders width


Chest measurement

Length (cm)
M 68 116 140
L 70 120 145

Please note: Size M is generally suitable for men between 1.70 m and 1.80 m tall, while size L is more suitable for men between 1.80 m and 1.90 m tall.