Men's Japanese Black Kimono


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Men's Japanese Black Kimono

Become a real Japanese samurai with this top quality , clean and amazing kimono robe costume. Have the right outfit for your next Samurai lesson. or simply feel and respect Japanese culture with some quality and fun. Suitable for boys, girls, women, men.

The Men's Japanese Black Kimono is Comfortable design and various size variations allow you to choose the right men's CRB Fashion traditional samurai kimono which will feel very comfortable while wearing it. it's made with top quality materials that guarantee durability also . rise up to the occasion with this original Japanese kimono costume.

This Black Kimono is soft and breathable fabric, healthy, and environmentally friendly. Fresh and stylish patterns, offer you a special feeling. 100% fresh with tag. Japanese style. KimonoYukata for men. It are often given as a present to your family, friends and coworkers, suitable for all types of parties, travel, picnics, supplying you with a bright feeling.

  • Material: cotton and linen blend
  • Japanese Kimono, consisting a top, a skirt and a jacket
  • To select your size, please refer to the table below.
Size S Top Jacket Skirt

Length (cm)

50 70 90

Chest measurement (cm)

110 112 -

Shoulders width (cm)

56 60 -

Sleeve Length (cm)

- 32 -

Waist size (cm)

- - 72 - 114


Size M Top Jacket Skirt
Length (cm) 60 80 100
Chest measurement(cm) 114 114 -
Shoulders width (cm) 58 62 -
Sleeve Length (cm) - 34 -
Waist size (cm) - - 74 - 114


Size L Top Jacket Skirt
Length (cm) 70 90 110
Chest measurement (cm) 120 130 -
Shoulders width (cm) 65 65 -
Sleeve Length (cm) - 36 -
Waist size (cm) - - 80 - 128