Men's Japanese kimono

Men's Japanese Kimono 

 The kimono has risen through the ranks from being just an ordinary piece of clothing worn in Japan to be a widely acceptable garment for men all over the world. The influence and reach of the kimono are so great that it is often the first thing that comes to mind when Japan is mentioned. It has become a representation of the entire Japanese culture and heritage. Although the piece of clothing dates back thousands of years ago, the kimono has continued to adapt to changing fashion styles to stay relevant over the ages. 

People all over the world are embracing men’s Japanese kimono and rightfully so, the growth around this garment is tremendous. The efforts of the designers in ensuring that the kimono remains adaptable for use by the younger, trendier generation is commendable. It is amazing how the kimono has found its way into discussions around street fashion. If you’re looking to hop on that global trend of rocking a kimono effortlessly, check out the men’s Japanese kimono collection for some inspiration. Here are some reasons why you should try a kimono and ideas to achieve the perfect look. 

Men's Japanese Kimono Versatility 

One of the reasons for the wide acceptance of kimonos is their versatility. Kimonos are very easy to wear, they can be light or heavy, or thick depending on the fabric and this offers different possibilities for the garment. If you’re trying to stay cool in a warm period, you can go for the lightweight and transparent kimonos while the thicker ones are perfect when you’re trying to stay warm. The men’s Japanese kimono collection offers different kimonos to suit all the different uses that you have in mind. They can serve as a healthy indoor garment to wear around the house after bathing or wear over your swim trunks. The collection also has some more elaborate and elegant styles that are perfect for formal events or when you feel like dressing up a little bit. You can wear this to dinner events and even for a stroll. 

The versatility of the kimono also extends to how you wear and pair them with other clothes. They can be paired with pants, shorts, jeans, and shirts. You can also pair them with different types of shoes. Although the traditional shoe to go with the kimono is the geta, a flipflop made with a wooden sole and a cloth strap. The geta is fashionable in its own right but you might want to experiment and wear more regular shoes with the kimono. Either way, the outcome will be great. 

Men's Japanese Kimono Design and pattern 

The design and patterns on the kimonos in the collection are gorgeous. These are designs that will grab attention anywhere, be it on the street, at the beach when you are on summer vacation, or just having a ate evening dinner with friends. Street fashion is synonymous with bold and brilliant designs and that is exactly what you will get with the kimonos here. There are series of kimonos made from fabrics with beautiful stripes. If you’re a lover of beautiful and symmetrical lines on fabrics or polka dot designs, you will love some designs in this collection. The collection also boasts of some color contrasting designs all done within the some perfectly carved lines on the fabric. Other designs on the kimonos are artistic with vibrant imagery. The kimonos come in different colors and if you’re looking to inject a bit of color into your wardrobe, do it with the kimono collection.  

Men's Japanese Kimono Look 

The kimono is perhaps one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing out there. This garment is extremely comfortable and easy to wear, the fabric feels great on the skin and they are very airy. Wearing the kimono can also offer a boost in confidence and improve your overall mood. Despite its flowing nature, the garment feel like an armor especially when the obi belt is firmly tied. You might picture yourself being the chief commander of some imaginary battalion and this is empowering. The truth is dishing the boring men’s cloth is going to make you feel great. Knowing that you’re wearing the kimono takes it a step further. 

Men's Japanese Kimono Accessories 

The men’s kimono jacket is not complete without accessories. One of the fun things to inject some street spark and style into your kimono is through the use of accessories. Traditional accessories like the obi belt come with the kimono, it is the long belt that keeps the kimono together. The obi does not have to be the same color as the kimono, so you can experiment with this accessory and let your personality shine through. If you wish there’s more beyond leather belts and would like to explore some ideas on how a colorful girdle around your waistline can change your entire, you should experiment with the belt whenever you wear a kimono. 

Other accessories that supporting the kimono are bracelets and purses. If you’ve decided to wear a kimono, you’re a fashionable man that is not afraid of experimenting and taking chances, so why not go all out. Wallets are great and leather wallets can be classy but they always remain in your pockets. Purses on the other and are held out methodically in the open for everyone to behold and see and they also complement your outfit. The classic black purse of any other colorful one with a slightly long strap that makes the body of the purse drop a little lower is perfect to pair with the kimono. This is probably because the way the purse drops from the strap resembles the sweeping movement of the kimono itself. Bracelets are also great especially if they are big and bold, tiny bracelets might get lost in the sweeping awesomeness of the kimono. 


We are in a period when celebrating traditions and cultural heritages mean a lot. So, why not do it in grand style with the kimono and allow yourself to break away from monotonous men’s fashion looks. Inject some excitement into your wardrobe with the men’s Japanese kimono.