Men's Japanese Clothing




Men's Japanese Clothing, a Collection of Modern and Traditional Elegance 

Fashion is international and right on that world stage, men’s Japanese clothing is rubbing shoulders with every other brand you can think of and excelling at it. Beyond having the distinctive and traditional Japanese style, clothing options for men in Japan is pushing the boundaries. It is a perfect blend of retaining the vintage style that everyone loves while also pushing the envelopes to incorporate new exciting patterns. It is true that when Japanese clothing is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is the kimono, however, there is so much more available to meet varying demands and needs. 

If you are tired of the same boring clothing styles and you would like to spice up your wardrobe with beautiful designs then you should check out the highlights of the various men’s Japanese clothing options below; 

Men’s Japanese Clothing Jackets 

The jackets line of the men’s Japanese clothing is a collection of versatile and tastefully designed jackets. The design masterfully incorporates the look and feel of the regular western multipurpose jacket with the traditional kimono jacket. This fusion of styles and design results in a beautiful product that is appropriate as casual wear. If you’re also going for a very modern and chic street style look, this jacket is a good fit. 

The fabric used for this collection is diverse. There are jackets made from polyester, cotton, linen, and other different kinds of fabric. This means that you can have different jackets for different seasons of the year as you can wear the lightweight material during the hot period and relatively heavier ones during the cold season. 

The pattern or designs on these jackets are second to none. There are bold, vivid designs that rival some of the most expressive and bold graffiti you have ever seen. There are also less expressive patterns that are beautiful and eye-catching in a subtle way. So, whether you are looking to make a splash with your appearance by making a bold statement that commands attention, or you’re simply looking to keep it moderate while still staying unforgettable, these designs will make your fashion expression dreams come true. 

The jackets a free-flowing after the manner of the classic kimono. They also come in varying lengths, sleeve sizes, and cuts. There are jackets with beautifully designed and placed pockets as well as some with delicate partings. No matter what your preferred form of expression through fashion is, the jacket collection of men’s Japanese clothing is the right approach. 

Men’s Japanese Clothing Jinbei 

Men’s Japanese jinbei is another variety in the line of traditional Japanese-style jackets. This time, the jacket is short and it also comes with a short that is long enough to sit just on the knee. The complete jacket and short is referred to as the jinbei. Unlike the most common Japanese jackets, the jinbei jacket does not need a belt for closing. The two sides of the jackets have a rope-like latch that you simply need to tie together into a knot for the garment to close. The ropes are made from the same material wit the clothes. The shorts have elastic waist bands which makes them easily adaptable for people of different waist sizes. 

The jinbei can be made of cotton fabric, linen, or hemp fabric. Generally, the color of the fabrics is solemn within the boundaries of white gray, and dark varieties. The solemn colors still manage to be vivid especially the darker colors so if you like a uniform burst of color in your styling, they are a great choice. The jinbei fabrics are also not without character. The most common are patterns along horizontal and vertical lines. There are also some jinbeis made from fabrics without patterns but feature a bold design or artsy patterns in one of the shoulder regions. 

Men’s Japanese Clothing Shirts 

Shirts are one of the most common components of the western street style. They are easy to style, easy to layer, and can go with a lot of looks and accessories. The Japanese shirts available with men’s Japanese clothing offer similar characteristics. The shirts are made of excellent materials and come in different themes from which you can make your selection. All the designs on the shirts tell a story about Japanese culture and history. There are shirts with designs honoring Japanese legends and those depicting popular Japanese stories. Overall, they offer the most authentic street style feel. They are comfortable and flattering for all body types with just the right amount of stretch. 

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Japanese shirts is the possibility of accessorizing with them. Western shirts are typically basic with very minimal expressions and designs; hence they are rarely worn as a full outfit. You always need to put something on top of the shirts and Japanese jackets work fine for this. However, with the unique and beautiful designs on the Japanese shirts, you will realize that they offer opportunities for you to discover your love for accessories like neckpieces, chains, and bracelets. You can easily match accessories with the designs on the shirts and this makes it possible to achieve a full look without the need for a coat or jacket.  

Men’s Japanese Clothing Hoodies 

Hoodies are an important fashion statement in the urban fashion space and Japanese hoodies are not be left behind. If you are into retro style, then the Japanese hoodies are perfect for you because they offer some sort of amalgamation between pop, art, and fashion. This is done in such an excellent way and with materials of the highest quality.  The materials offer a lot of varieties which translate to different functionalities. The hoodies made from lightweight materials can be worn during hot weather while the hoodies made from thick and breathable cotton can be worn on chilly days. 

The hoodies are also an outlet to express your creative inclinations. Men do not need to shy away from colors and the hoodies from the men’s Japanese clothing collection present an opportunity to try out vivid bursts of color in your outfit. Beautiful colors convey the many available patterns that range from pop culture references, anime, and historical Japanese references.  

Men’s Japanese Clothing Geta 

The Japanese geta slippers are a bold and different fashion statement. They are different from any regular slippers you’ve seen before. The straps are thick and made of durable cotton materials while the sole is made of strong natural wood. The sole gives a rustic and vintage look to the slippers. The slippers are perfect for summer and it is very comfortable. 

Men’s Japanese Clothing Kimono 

Of course, we cannot talk about men’s Japanese clothing without mentioning the kimono. The kimono is as classic as it gets when it comes to traditional and historical fashion styles that have stood the test of time. You need the comfort and ease that kimonos offer. They are loose and light flowing and you may even decide not use the belt if you are enjoying the summer breeze or trying to stay cool. 


The men’s Japanese collection offers some of the most perfect blend between the traditional and the modern. It allows you to stay informed with the trends while still exhibiting some of the most enduring fashion statements of all time. The outfits are comfortable, made of high-quality material and they will infuse some variety into your wardrobe.