Kimono Jacket Womens


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Kimono Jacket Women's

The Japanese Printed Kimono Jacket is made of cotton/polyester blend. Lightweight fabric with a dense weave. Perfect Japanese-style vest with a tall appearance. And it will give you a stylish and bright outfit. The fabric is very soft and smooth with a silk gradient. If closed, it will stay cool this summer. We developed a special lining for women's kimonos. it glides on easier than most types of cotton, doesn't stretch, and doesn't shrink when cleaned. Plus, it lasts as long as wool, better than silk, the lining makes you look and feel great.

This Kimono Jacket with a kimono vest is comfortable, soft, and lightweight. Pleased to waste in spring, autumn, and summer. Unique design. The modern floral print and long open unisex cardigan give your look a unique sharp edge and a touch of fashion. Japanese style kimono, freestyle, open front, shoulders, and sleeves down with a bow, You are the most elegant girl. Universal as a kimono, the perfect blend of casual and elegant style can be worn all year round for the office, party, wedding, prom, or evening gathering. Perfect choice for your grandson, children, children, friends, girlfriend, father, Valentine's Day, birthday, and other holidays.
  • one-size fits all
  • Light and comfortable fabric
  • Short and large sleeves
  • Includes a ribbon belt
  • Available in two colors: brown and black
  • Material: polyester/elastane blend