Short Kimonos For Women


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Short Kimonos For Women

Our Beautiful Japanese kimono suit combines traditional Japanese nail style with sexy style. This kimono dress features a floral design, a wide and simple belt with a pretty bow at the back, and long, wide sleeves. The fabric is soft, flowing, and luxurious, with good draping that can smooth out your beautiful curves as it sits against the skin. You are sure to have a great night in this sexy sleepwear.

A beautiful Japanese lolita-style kimono dress with a large ribbon, transparent and sexy, blends beautifully and charmingly. Beautiful soft silk jacket in floral kimono, decorated with lace lining. Flowy sleeves with a wide hem that cover your body well. You can combine it with the legs so that the skirt looks more volume. perfect for relaxing at home or on vacation. It can be worn as a bathrobe, bathrobe, or cover. It's also perfect for cosplay, Halloween, shows, kimono parties, events, and more. Best worn with accessories, ghettos, and socks for a fuller look.
  • A skirt with a tulle veil
  • A kimono top with long, large sleeves
  • A large black Obi belt
  • A big bow tie with lace finish

To select your size, please refer to the table below.

Chest (cm) Waist (cm)
S 85 - 90 65
M 85 - 90 70
L 85 - 90 75
XL 85 - 95 80
2XL 95 - 105 90
3XL 105 - 120 100