Japanese Women Kimono

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Are you a fan of Japanese culture?  You can take some items from this rich culture in your closet. Kimonos are the traditional clothes from the Japan of the VIII century. From the Japanese (着物 in Japanese and Kimono in English) means “something to wear,” From the VIII century, the Japanese clothes are changing over time, and the stylist is creating news projects with the old design. Then sometimes, you can see some different models of this piece.

The traditional Kimono are used only on special occasions in Japan nowadays. The method of a traditional kimono can be a little hard to make and understand. When you are searching for a kimono, you can realize that this is not a unique part. You have to wear all the styles to be complete. The Japanese Women Kimono is making a difference around the world. Beyond Japan, you can find many stories that are selling his clothes. This fact happens because of the Internet. You can find a lot of information about anything, making people get close to each other.

Women's Kimono Regal Look

If you are looking for an authentic Kimono, you can find it in several places and countries. This design of clothes can make anyone come back to the ancient Japanese era. That ages the people used to cover all the body and use a lot of adornment.  All the kimonos have to combine with the accessory. They are colorful. Then you have to take the decorations according to the predominant color. The fabric is one hundred percent of polyester. But it looks like the natural silk of satin.

The colors are so gorgeous and bright when you point to the lamp. They use floral fabric; some of them are cherry flowers. The belt can take many designs. The long sleeve causes a good impression on the person that wants to wear this clothing. When using a Kimono, you have to remember to use all the accessories—the little bag, the slippers, the hair accessory, and the makeup. The Women Kimono is so comfortable, and you can feel the delicacy of the fabric. You can take the kimono as a pretty piece of your closet and then use it on the parties, thematic events, and cosplay.

You can wear this dress to stay at home, it is simple, and you can feel relaxed using it. You can take this garment on your travel and use it while you appreciate the view. Nowadays the women like oriental clothes because of the elegancy of cut and sew. Then you can consider this garment as a great gift to your friends and family.

Women’s Kimono design

Kimonos always have an exciting design and have several styles for each occasion. The kimono has a transverse fabric. The sleeves can be ¾ or long it depends on the taste. Generally, the kimono is long; but you can find it in a new style, short and godet. The hem can reach the ankles or the floor. Take the great belt, full of detail, and put it on your waist. The several types of color of the kimonos can enchant any person that wants to use these typical clothes. They are in a floral pattern; the flowers of the cherry are the most searched. They present vibrant colors.

The fabric is an imitation of satin. You can be an authentic geisha if you don't take the accessories. The little bag made of the same material as the kimono can complete your look. The cuts are extraordinary, and they can fit you perfectly. Each occasion asks for a different design of the Kimono. An informal one is called Yukata, which you can use at the summer festivals, for example. The other types more formal are used on funerals, weddings, graduations, and other formal events.

women’s Kimono Accessories

As you can see in the text, using Kimono without the correct accessories is not an authentic Kimono. One of the main accessories is the Handbag. They are little and have a rope or satin stripe that you can hold on your wrist. But they are most used to give a charming touch on the clothing. This bag is made of the same fabric as the Kimono. A fan is a gorgeous accessory that you can use to avoid the heat. The fan can take the same color as the Kimono or other colors that you can combine with it. Your hair must be like the geishas.

You can hold on to a bun, a type of hairstyle. On the bun, you should put some accessories like hair sticks, flowers, and a loop. The socks are another kind of detail in a Kimono costume. They are white, and you made to use with slippers. Some Traditional kimonos can come with two or more accessories. The belts (obi) are the main accessory on the kimono’s dress. They are essential to make your costume an authentic Japanese garb.


When you think about using clothes from a different culture, you have to read about them to understand them. Some people like to use them only because they are pretty. But sometimes, you can offend the culture if you take it lightly. Culture is a severe content to understand. Then to pick the Kimono as a garnet on your wardrobe, read about the history of these clothes. Each detail has a meaning, and you can misuse it. If you learn about it, you can feel free to take advantage.

Kimonos are full of secrets. Each occasion asks for a different design. This garment is an excellent option to travel, but at home on a lazy day. They have a thin fabric, and it isn’t hot. The variety of the colors make it crazy. It is so hard to choose the most beautiful. The flowers can give a special touch to the fabric. Take a Japanese Women Kimono and change your style. You will call the attention of many people.