Japanese Wall Art

Japanese wall art & paintings decoration

What better than the modern, colorful and unique art of Japan to embellish each of your rooms? For home decoration, the Japanese painting is what will make your room, kitchen or living room stand out from the rest.

A Japanese art painting is not always easy to select, especially with a large choice like this one, which includes a lot of different styles and paintings for its wall decorations.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you select what will make your apartment so unique that it will be mistaken for an art gallery!

Selecting a Japanese Painting

Japanese drawings and paintings are filled with various meanings, the ideal is to find what corresponds to you the most in order to have the decor, but also the story that comes with it. We do not joke with the works in museums, whether it is for decorative arts, Picasso, Van Gogh or any other painter who exhibits in art galleries, contemporary or from the Japanese culture.

  • A. The Perfect Japanese Decor

You must adopt the classic which is obviously the Kanagawa wave, made by the painter who comes from Japan Hokusai, it is a sure value, which represents the contemporary art of the Edo era, where the colorful works of art were unanimous with the general public. To start on a painting validated by the public of the country of the rising sun, it is a choice which we can assure you that it will hold the attention of your guests!

  • B. Philosophy and meaning

If you want to have more meaning through this work, choose a painting or wall decoration that includes elements of traditional Japanese culture, whether it is through a landscape with Sakura or the famous Mount Fuji, or sacred animals pop art style as the Maneki Neko, the Crane or the abstract fox.

  • C. Passion for Art

An Asian painting for your wall coverings and decorations is also to link your passions to art without any effort. A wide range of Japanese pop culture elements put on a canvas awaits you with open arms! A character from an anime series here, an iconic Pokémon there,... we can assure you that with this, your bedroom will be the room you spend the most time in without even realizing it.

And to make it even better, don't hesitate to combine this kind of paintings with the colors of Tokyo and Kyoto, with modern and contemporary art sculptures, a small mirror, ceramics, or any element from the art market: your wallpaper decor will be unanimously appreciated by your guests!

If you like Japanese paintings and you want to decorate your home then buying Japanese wallpaper for your home is perfect.