Japanese Geisha Artwork


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Japanese Geisha Artwork

This Japanese geisha artwork is already in the frame, ready to be hung, the panels have hooks for easy hanging. Now perfectly stretched on the wooden frame, you can hang it on the wall. Geisha Wall Art is a new and fashionable way to decorate your beautiful home. This will require a bright and elegant home for you and your family. Japanese geisha pictures are not only for decorating your home, but also can be a great gift for your friends, colleagues and neighbors.

This beautiful print of geisha artwork is a great way to add color to your bed, ceiling, and walls. These incredible pieces of art can be used as blankets, bed covers, tablecloths, curtains, and of course rugs or wall hangings, also great for wearing at picnics or at the beach.

  • Very tough and hardwearing canvas fabric
  • Saturated and vivid colors
  • Permanent spray pressure
  • Various sizes available, with or without wooden frame