Japanese Artwork Warrior & Raptor


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Japanese Artwork Warrior & Raptor

The Japanese Artwork Warrior Samurai Warriors Vintage Painting Wall Art Set. These vintage Japan samurai art prints are printed on high-quality matte papers. Our excellent house & room wall decor prints will be a great supplement to your collection and beautify any room. They also make excellent gifts for everyone.

This Japanese Artwork print depicts a samurai woman dressed in impressive armor and holding a falcon on her arm. In Japan, falconry was a great art very popular amongst the samurai. The painting print is protected over stretcher poles and stapled to the reverse of a wooden frame. Each piece of art is ready to hang right out of the box with no additional art frame required.

  • Ultra-resistant and durable canvas fabric
  • Vibrant colors
  • Permanent spray printing
  • Different sizes available, with or without wooden frame

With or externally a wooden frame, this Japanese artwork is transported rolled up in a strong cardboard tube to support an unharmed product at the time of distribution.