Japanese Venomous Snake T-Shirt


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Japanese Venomous Snake T-Shirt

A Japanese T-shirt with a proper fit to suit both men and ladies. Its high-quality fabric is friendly, warm, and soft to guarantee maximum comfort. This additionally addresses them ideal ice breakers. Your print will keep going quite a while as well, which means it will not blur, strip or break over the long run. Critically, the shadings will consistently stay valid and clear. An assortment of styles and mindsets, from entertaining to terrifying to charming, can likewise be found in our reach. 

Our Japanese Venomous Snake T-Shirt garments are strong and ideal for everyday use. Our shirts are made with an ideal blend of tough, trustworthy textures, taken care of under the best expectations of workmanship. Garments feel good and delicate on the skin. The mix of textures utilized underway is entirely breathable, and the shirt will remain feeling truly great get-togethers washes. You'll not just look incredible each time you venture out in your new shirt however feel extraordinary too! A Japanese T-shirt with a regular fit to suit both men and women. Its high-quality fabric is thick, warm, and soft to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Fit: regular
  • High-quality fabric: maintains its shape, soft to the touch, and vibrant colors, even after repeated washes.
  • Machine washable, delicate cycle, and mild detergent
  • Available in three colors: black, white, and purple
  • Unisex - please refer to the table below to select the right size.
Length (cm) Chest (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
M 70 108 21 56
L 71,5 112 22 57
XL 73 116 23 58
XXL 74,5 120 24 59

Please note: These are japan sizes. It s recommended to select your T-shirt two or three sizes larger than your usual European size.