Japanese Koi Fish Shirt


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Japanese Koi Fish Shirt

Our Japanese Koi Fish Shirt fashion is unique in its diversity and therefore also in its openness to change. It is ephemeral and often difficult to overtake. Cover your body with our stunning design The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Koi Carp Nishikigoi. Check out this great Japanese gift, the Koi Carp Pond Japan Tattoo. The koi fish design is ideal for lovers or breeders who own a koi pond. Great gift idea. Big Wave Design by Kanagawa Koi Carp Nishikigoi. If you like traditional Japanese history, get the Japanese Japanese Vaporwave Kanji Tokyo flag, kawaii sakura cosplay enthusiast, fan-style Hokusai otaku gift. The perfect Christmas gift for a birthday. This incredibly cute fashion with graphic novelty makes for the perfect Gothic-Aesthetic-Grunge-Retro-Wool-Pastel-Goth-Wooden Block Sad Boy-Girl-Manga in Hiroshige-Lover-Weeaboo-Harajuku-Design from Tokyo. The best gift for the whole family, children, children's friends

This Japanese t-shirt is everything you could ever dream of. With the right stretch, it feels soft and light. It is soft and flattering for both men and women. Smooth and light, with just the right stretch. It is comfortable and complimentary for both men and gentlewomen. Note that the style of the t-shirt is customizable. FrontierFindsCo products are made of high-quality materials and designed to help you look and feel good! Please see product images to see the color variations available for each model. The main image shows a unisex t-shirt in gray. Vintage Japanese Koi celebrate gifts for the spiritual heritage and design of Japanese culture, gifts for daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, mid-autumn or Christmas holidays, and gifts!

  • Material: 100% cotton, thick and comfortable fabric
  • Regular fit with rounded collar
  • Machine washable, delicate cycle, and mild detergent
  • Available in grey
  • Unisex - please refer to the table below to select the right size.
Chest (cm) Length (cm) Sleeves (cm) Shoulders (cm)
M 116 71 40 46
L 120 72 41 47
XL 124 73 42 48
XXL 128 74 43 49
3XL 132 75 44 50
4XL 136 76 45 51
5XL 140 77 46 52

 Please note: These are japan sizes. It' s recommended to select your T-shirt two or three sizes larger than your usual European size.