Japanese Jewelry

How to choose your Japanese jewelry

A jewel inspired by the Japanese universe is a great piece to accessorize an outfit. In our jewelry collection you will find necklaces, bracelets and rings... Don't hesitate to carry them in a furoshiki fabric if you travel.

Japanese necklaces and pendants

in the Japanese culture, wearing a Japanese pendant with the effigy of the gods is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and protection. It is also in some cases and depending on the motif a Japanese lucky charm...

Japanese bracelets and rushes

We advise you to wear a bracelet for style but also to mark your spirituality. Having an ethnic bracelet is a sign of character. So affirm your style and your personality through one of our original pieces.

Japanese rings

Find in this collection; original jewelry like signet rings, wedding rings and elegant rings. We have rings for men and rings for women so measure your finger size before ordering...

Our jewelry collections can be worn with both traditional kimono and Japanese streetwear. If you want to bring a Japanese touch to your outfit of the day then we advise you to wear a fine silver ring.

If you want to complete a cosplay costume, our jewelry will give you a Japanese samurai, geisha, ninja shinobi or yakuza look.

Take a look at our Buddhist rings which are both discreet and stylish. If however you wish to show your love for the land of the rising sun with a more showy piece of jewelry, then don't hesitate to wear a dragon necklace or an Oni necklace.

In order to choose the right jewelry, it is important to understand the meaning of it. We explain you below, the meaning of the Japanese patterns that you should know; whether you are passionate about the Japanese universe or just curious...

Meaning of Japanese symbols ?

Buddhist jewelry

Buddhism is the first religion of Japan. There are many temples built in all the Japanese islands to worship the Buddhist gods. If you travel to Japan, you will also see small round red statues. They are Daruma with the effigy of the boddhirama who brought Zen Buddhism to the believers... On our mantra jewels, you will also find symbols of protection...

Lotus jewelry

A fancy jewel with the effigy of the lotus flower is an essential fashion accessory. Wearing a lotus medallion around the neck symbolizes reincarnation, rebirth and purity of the soul...

Japanese Dragon Jewel

In Shinto folklore, the dragon ryu is a kami. It is a Japanese god known and worshipped for its wisdom, its strength and its great power. If you travel in Japan you may see Japanese dragon tattoos. They are real works of art that belong to the Irezumi art... By wearing a dragon ring, a dragon bracelet or a dragon necklace, this Japanese divinity may bring you his powers and protection... A large part of our collection is inspired by this ancestral Japanese art and know-how...

Oni Jewel

Japanese demons are also called Oni. They come to Earth to terrorize people and to corrupt their minds. If you wear an Oni ring, Oni bracelet or Oni necklace, know that the demon spirit will protect you. During the Edo era, samurai warriors wore Oni masks to protect themselves on the battlefield. So bring out the samurai (or demon) in you...

Jewel with sakura pattern

The cherry blossom is an iconic Japanese symbol. Every year during the Hanami festivals, the inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago celebrate the ephemeral beauty of these thousand-year-old flowers. Sakura flowers are also printed on some fabrics of Kimono, Yukata, Japanese Hoodie etc...

By wearing a Sakura necklace, a Sakura ring or a Sakura bracelet, you will pay tribute to the Japanese tradition... For women wishing to bring a Japanese touch to an outfit, it is a Japanese accessory that makes its effect...

Japanese silver jewelry at Japan-Beyond.com

We put at your disposal products "handmade" in the respect of the manufacturing processes of Asian jewelry...

925 and sterling silver jewelry

Each silver necklace is hallmarked. And it is also the case for all our other jewels woman or man...

There is approximately 7,5% of copper per jewel. Know that copper is the main cause of tarnishing of a sterling silver jewel... We explain you in the tuto below how to maintain your jewels...

Stainless steel jewelry

Stainless steel has the great characteristic of having a perfect durability in time. It is a guarantee of timeless quality. Its color is darker than a 925 silver jewelry creation...

How to clean your silver jewelry ?

Over time, even the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry can tarnish. This is the result of a natural chemical reaction. Silver combines with sulfur. Silver chains, silver necklaces and bracelets tarnish with perspiration and perfume. Specifically, the jewelry turns black or yellow in certain areas.

But don't panic... Here is a quick tutorial to perfectly maintain your future personalized jewelry...

How to clean 925 silver jewelry ?

In order to restore the shine to a Japanese ring, silver earrings, a chain, a silver pendant, a pendant necklace, a long necklace, a silver bracelet or any type of silver jewelry, we strongly recommend you to be gentle and delicate.

You will need a hollow bowl, baby shampoo (or a mild dish soap) and warm water...

  • Mix it all together, bubbles should appear
  • Then soak the jewelry for five to ten minutes
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean every corner of the jewelry
  • We recommend that you gently brush the gems, gemstones, pendants, pearls and charms to avoid damaging them with the scrubbing
  • You can then rinse the jewel with hot water

Attention: we recommend you to wipe your Japanese jewelry with a micro fiber towel to avoid scratching the silver. This is the type of cloth used to clean eyeglass lenses.

How to clean a silver ring?

Here are some methods to clean a 999 silver ring.

First of all, we advise you to :

  • Mix olive oil with lemon in a bowl
  • For a ring, for example, you need a teaspoon of olive oil and half a cup of lemon juice
  • Let your jewel rest in this cup for about 5 minutes
  • Then clean it with a microfiber towel

How to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing?

In order to prevent the jewelry from tarnishing, we recommend to :

  • Store the jewelry in a soft anti-tarnish bag in a dark and cool place
  • To reduce the humidity of the soft bag, you can add some silica gel or charcoal
  • Do not leave your jewelry in the bathroom
  • Take off your jewelry to wash the dishes
  • Put on perfume or cream before putting on the jewelry
Now you know everything there is to know about the care of a Japanese jewelry and the meaning behind the Japanese symbols. We wish you a good visit on our Japanese store.