Japanese Fan

So, Sensu or Uchiwa ?

Discover this varied collection directly worked with artists from the land of the rising sun to obtain the most authentic Japanese fans possible. 

More than 50 references available between the two different types known to all: the Sensu, the folding fan model to carry everywhere, or the Uchiwa, model dedicated to an indoor use.

All of them, made in the art with the woods and papers used in Japan to reinforce all the history behind these accessories that people are snatching in summer, where the warmth and the wind of a fan make the best team.

Japanese fan materials

A lot of work went into finding a wood that is strong, durable, soft but not too soft, and above all, has the look of a high-end wood while keeping the price affordable for everyone. We chose bamboo and recycled wood, which allows us to have a durable product that will last for many years. 

For the paper, we kept it simple with the same paper that is used for traditional Japanese doors. And a touch of authenticity like this one, it's only at Eternal Japan!

Japanese designs and decoration
For the look of these, we took into account all the important details to follow the codes of the Japanese culture at best. 

Oriented on woody colors for the body, bright colors for the dominant colors, and white, black or grey for the background. As for the designs, it was logical to present you the greatest classics on our Japanese fans: Maneki Neko, Kanagawa Wave, anime characters, floral style with Sakura, or even the elements of culture known to all like Japanese masks. 

If you come to meet the Japanese people, the samurais of Tokyo, the foot of Mount Fuji, Osaka, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyoto,... during your next trip to Japan, you will have the perfect accessory to discover Japan, the Japanese language, the Japanese cuisine, and so on.

Wearing an obi belt can also be the perfect way to adopt a unique Japanese accessory.