Japanese Decor


Experience Authenticity through Japanese Decor

The culture of the land of the rising sun is closely linked with the love and respect for nature. The best way to maintain a strong connection with nature is to simply invite it into your home. Vases proudly displaying the Japanese style can accommodate your most beautiful plants to bring more life to your environment.

A. The Traditional Noren

Most commonly found at the entrance of Japanese restaurants, Noren "warm curtains" according to the meaning of the characters used (kanji) were used to preserve the warmth of the sun during winter.

Nowadays they subtly hide the entrance of restaurants to preserve the privacy of the customers inside. The perfect way to take the plunge in your kitchen!

B. A small table perhaps?

Red, black and white are dominant colors in Japanese art. You will find here various representations of antagonists from the Japanese culture surrounded by these magnificent colors. The legendary samurais, the geisha, the Koi carp, the heroes of your favorite mangas, all are gathered in our collection of paintings for your greatest happiness.

Also within our range of paintings, the famous Great Wave of Kanagawa made by the painter Hokusai, the unique detail that you can bring to your living room!

C. Japanese Prints

Japanese painting is one of the oldest and most refined in the world. We can notice the great influence of China on these drawings especially when drawing plants or animals, but especially the eye of our experts who are able to find the best Japanese Prints, just for you.

D. Unique Japanese Charms
We can't talk about Japanese accessories without talking about the famous Japanese good luck charms, the Maneki Neko, which are well known all over the world for their ability to bring you good luck but not only! They will also give your apartment an oriental style, with lots of colors and different styles.

And of course, all this is without counting our many other collections that will refine your Japanese decoration through stickers, covers, lamps, or Japanese figurines. With Eternal Japan, interior decoration has never been so easy!