Japanese Accessories

The Best of Japanese Accessories

There are objects and accessories in Japan that have been used since ancient times. In modern times, there is a strong western influence on young people, nevertheless they do not forget all the old traditions and objects and are particularly attached to them because it is a major part of their Japanese identity.

A. Japanese fans

Immediately recognizable as an icon of Japanese culture, Japanese fans are closely linked to the fascinating history of the country. Today they remain an important artistic figure and fashion accessory in Japan.

In Japanese history, fans were the tools of aristocrats and samurai, they were a way to show one's membership in the elite and could even communicate messages. The first signs of Japanese fans date back to the sixth century, when fan designs were found.

Dare to buy this ornament that reflects the greatness of the Japanese culture, as the summers are getting hotter and hotter, we can be sure that you will be happy to air yourself in the most beautiful and elegant way!

B. Anti Pollution Masks

We have a wide range of anti pollution masks, if you live in the city or near an industrial area, this tool will allow you to minimize the amount of polluted air you breathe.

Not only will you breathe better, but you will be able to do it in style thanks to our range of Japanese and Asian culture.

C. And a lot of Japanese Accessories from Renom

Don't imagine wearing a kimono without the complete set! Fortunately we have thought of you and have many Obi belts, an essential accessory when you wear a Kimono.

Japanese umbrellas are very sturdy and come in a variety of designs. Find one that matches your style and you will never part with it again!

These fashion accessories with the style of the oriental culture will perfectly fit in your daily life.

If you are in love with Japanese accessories we invite you to buy a furoshiki! Nothing better to adopt a traditional and unique eco-friendly Japan.