Japanese Geta Sandals In Light Wood - Red Hanao


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Japanese Geta Sandals In Light Wood - Red Hanao

Our Japanese Geta Sandals are made of very light paulownia wood and feature black velvet straps. The ghetto is most popular for informal occasions in kimonos or yucca. They can also be combined very well with other casual outfits. This Geta is made of lightweight solid wood with a rubber sole for comfort and convenience. High quality, durability, and comfort. Easy to use and wash. This wooden ghetto can be worn both at home and outdoors, it's also great for Halloween parties, anime costumes, and shows.

The non-slip rubber sole of the Geta wood sandal keeps it calm and even more casual. Hence, you can wear it all day long without feeling tired. The thick ribbon of a material called "Hanao" has a soft artifact and a back. The half in contact with the skin is made of sentimental material. Hana can soften with use and even works really well on your feet painlessly. Even in a very modern society where walking is declining, many, many Japanese people prefer wooden shoes for the health of their feet and legs.
  • Japanese geta unisex
  • Wooden sole, lightweight, solid, and durable
  • Rubber bottom layer beneath each tooth
  • Comfortable fabric strap
  • OFFERED: 1 pair of tabi socks

In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

Size Length (cm)
34 23
35 23
36 24
37 24
38 25
39 25
40 25
41 26
42 26
43 27
44 27