Japanese Wooden Geta Sandals - Kujaku


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Japanese Wooden Geta Sandals - Kujaku

Our Japanese wooden geta sandals, made of one part of solid wood creating the sole and two wooden blocks under while the fabric strap ensures excellent foot support. It might look tricky to walk on this towering Japanese footwear, however, once you found your balance, you will positively enjoy all the benefits.
    Our Women's Modern Geta Sandals is matching your robe or Yukata with a combination of the geta, a standard kind of Japanese footwear. Japanese girls and boys typically wear them throughout summer festivals, however, they're conjointly good for everyday wear. The strap is thick, therefore your fingers will not rub or hurt, and it's cute and colorful. represents the brilliant Japanese summer atmosphere. This shoe is pulled On closure. you'll conjointly wear it with casual or fancy garments. glorious feel and appearance in a very sabot combine. comfy to wear.

    This Modern Geta sandal is for daily use, fun as a birthday or vacation gift, day party uniforms, costume party. These sandals promote your health because the wood sole will assist you to unleash sweat, eliminate odor and forestall avitaminosis. they will be terribly useful. sabot contains a raised wood base stayed the foot with a monetary unit cloth to stay the footwell on the bottom. we've got totally different sizes of sabot sandals.
    • Solid lightweight wooden Geta
    • Sole height: 5.5 cm
    • Rubber bottom layer for slip resistance
    • Thick and comfortable strap
    • Strap material: cotton

    In order to select the right size, measure your foot and refer to the table below.

    Size Length (cm) Width (cm)
    34 - 35 23 9
    36 - 37 24 10
    38 - 39 25 10
    40 - 41 26 11
    42 - 44 27 11
    45 - 46 28 11,5
    47 29 11,5