Do you know what Geta is? Are you a fan of Japanese culture? You can learn a little about it here in this text. Geta is traditional Japanese footwear. It is made of wood and fabric, it looks like a flip-flop, but it has some different details. When you look for the upside, you can think that it is a normal flipflop but made of wood. But if you look under this footwear, you can realize the main difference.

It has two or three “teeth”.that elevate the person that is using it. Nowadays, the geta are inspired by the occidental sandals. And instead, you see the teeth. You will see only a wood base and the stripes, thong. The stripes are the same. It is made of some fabric. Sometimes you can match the Geta with the kimono that you are wearing. You have many options for Japanese footwear, but the most known is the Geta.

How to wear Japanese geta?

In the summer, Japan has a lot of festivals. And they like to commemorate wearing traditional costumes. At the festival, the people take from the wardrobe that summer kimono to wear during the commemorations. The outfit has to be complete. You have to take your Obi, a belt that they tie on the waist, and wear the traditional sandals Geta. But do these sandals have a way to use? Yeap, you have to follow some tips to stay up on these sandals. Are you accustomed to using flip-flops? It’s almost the same thing you have to insert your foot on under the stripes, and it has to fit between the toes. But when you are using the “Geta,” it may be a problem.

When you are wearing the geta, you can’t put your toes totally in the frontal part of the Geta. If you do this, you can lose your balance. Your heel hangs off the back to maintain your balance. The first part to touch the floor has to be your toes or the frontal part of your feet. If you don’t do it, you can feel a lot of pain. The Japanese people give a tip to use correctly: It is like you were pinching the floor. Don’t forget to take some comfortable socks.

 Japanese footwear: Geta

Do you know the new collection of the most beautiful Geta? They’re here to the people who like this culture and want to enjoy this country’s items. The geta can look stranger for the first time you see, but it is crucial for the Japanese culture. You know that each country has its peculiarities. Japan is not different.

You can see many secrets from the customs. The history of Japan is printed on the items that you see when you are searching for customs and traditions. You have to take care when you are wearing these sandals. Before you buy one of these shoes, try to read about them. The geta has few models that you can choose from. If you are familiarized with these sandals, you can buy the one with the “teeth,” but if you don’t know the Geta yet, you want to use it. You can take the getas that have some occidental characteristics.

Geta design

When you are talking about Geta, you have some basic designs. The classic geta is known as “Koma-geta,” which is made of wood and has two “teeth.” The male geta can be more rectangle, and the female can have some curves. They are used during the summer festivals. If you think that you can’t use the classic geta, you can choose the Senryuu-geta, where the frontal teeth are curved or tilted, then you can use it more easily. The classic geta can be better after using it a lot, which is easier than the new ones. But the Senryu-geta can be easy since the purchase. The modern Geta, know as “Yukongeta,” is lower and has a modern design.

It is not too different from the other sandals. The youngest people use to wear this geta during celebrations. And this is the most advisable to the occidental people. You have many options of the getas to buy. The stripes are florals and have many prints. The fabric is like satins and can match your kimono. You can see the sole made of non-slip materials. And this can help you to use it. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you can wear this kind of sandals. They will fit you. You can find numerous designs that will fit your taste.

An extra about getas

Another design of geta that you can see is the “Ashi-da, ” This geta is so high, and it is for brave people. You must have an outstanding balance to wear this one. In the past, these sandals were used by male students.


When you think about Japanese traditions, the first things that come to mind are clothes, bonsais, and mangas. Here was preset to you the sandals that the people wear during the summer festivals. These festivals are so famous around the world. Nowadays you can watch and read about it. At these festivals, the people used to wear the kimono and the Getas. These sandals can enchant all the people that see these events. This sandal can make you feel uncomfortable during the events. Then you have to read about it before using it.

Hands make the geta. They aren’t from factories. The people who make these sandals are from traditional families that made the getas in the past. It is a millenary tradition. If you are a fan of this culture, you can buy this sandal to use at festivals, costumes, parties, cosplays parties, and more. The getas are made of resistant wood and fabrics. Some of them have an elastic rubber sole base. This rubber can make you feel safe. The wood can make you slip. Then if you have the elastic rubber on the sole, you will walk without afraid.