Origin of the Furoshiki fabric

Furoshiki is the embodiment of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

This ancient Japanese art consists of wrapping gifts (or other packages!) using bits of Japanese fabric. The word furoshiki refers to both the art of wrapping and the fabric itself. At Shogun Japan we are totally excited about the idea of using this timeless practice because of its durable and reusable nature

Furoshiki is a symbol of traditional Japanese culture. It is gaining even more recognition outside of Japan. The Japanese furoshiki wrapping is a square piece of cloth used to enhance gifts, facilitate the transportation of items. This Japanese accessory is also used in fashion and interior decoration.

The art of the Japanese gift

Japanese furoshiki has become increasingly popular with cultures around the world as it has transformed the art of gift giving.

If you want to give an original gift, then now is the time to impress your friends and family around Christmas or to make a unique birthday gift. Furoshiki is an eco-friendly gift wrap that enhances your present. It is ideal for giving a bottle of wine, a small box or a small Japanese object like a Kanzashi comb. You can also use it in a more recurrent way by wrapping your wine bottles to bring them to a party or an aperitif?

Japanese pattern

Furoshiki is a great way to personalize a gift right from the wrapping with a Japanese style. Each of our furoshiki has its own Japanese design inspired by Japanese folklore from the Edo era or modern Japanese style!

Among the choices of prints we propose you the Furoshiki Kanagawa, the Furokishi Carpe Akai, the Furoshiki Fuji, the Furoshiki Daruma

Furoshiki size

You can also choose the size! A big size furoshiki will have a different use than a small one. What is great is that this Japanese packaging is reusable:

48 x 48 cm : it's the perfect size to wrap a small gift to offer to a colleague or a friend. We advise you for this size a paperback book or a box of chocolate. It is ideal to embellish your gift for Christmas or for a birthday! Japanese people especially like to use them to carry their bento box...

70 x 70 cm: this size is perfect if you want to try several types of Japanese folding. Because of its size, you will be able to give different styles to your gifts!

90 x 90 cm: we particularly like this size for our furoshiki wrapping. It is the perfect Japanese accessory to carry groceries or a bottle for an aperitif!

Furoshiki material

The last point on the choice of your Furoshiki is the material used. If you have to carry heavy objects, we advise you a cotton furoshiki. If you want to make an original and valuable gift then a Japanese satin or silk furoshiki fabric will be more suitable. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are widely used in the land of the rising sun for furoshiki wrapping. They have several advantages. The first one being the price, and they also have the particularity to stay soft and silky in time!

Ecological alternative

Wrapping paper is rarely recyclable, and as the holiday season approaches, for our loved ones' birthdays our consumption of non-recyclable and reusable bags is skyrocketing. Besides the waste they generate, disposable bags are also a recurring cost!